In today's world, how students learn is just as important as what they learn. In Addison School District 4, students are taught the basic skills in all the fundamental learning areas. They are also taught to be active seekers of information and constructors of knowledge. This is accomplished through teaching methods that emphasize the following strategies.

Engaged Learning - Students are engaged in active learning when they read, write, listen, speak and view in a variety of settings to gather information and develop concepts important to everyday life. These concepts, together with basic facts, form the foundation for all learning.

Problem Solving - Problem solving is fundamental to all curriculum areas. Students construct knowledge of the world as they recognize problems, formulate solutions and arrive at conclusions.

Communication - Communication is central to learning to express ideas and understand the ideas of others. Clear communciation also involves use of standard grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization.

Collaboration - Collaboration is an important process in a democratic society. Learning is often a social process that requires students to value and work with others.

Seeking Connections - Knowledge does not exist in isolation. Students learn that the content areas are connected. Such learning is essential to forming a comprehensive understanding of the world in which we live.

Technology - Technology allows students to reach beyond the walls of the classroom to obtain information on a wide variety of topics. Technology permits students to be active researchers and communicators in the quest for knowledge.