Addison School District 4
Educational Foundation for Excellence


George Ellefsen

Kathy Willis*
Vice President
Sylvia Layne

Irene Boutzarelos
Maureen Hansen
Carol Hendricks
Alesha Henley
Gonzalo Herrera
Ralph Jollette
Joe Lullo
Samira Mendoza
Gary Sinagra
Kellie Wheeler

John R. Langton



A Non-Profit
501 (c)(3) Organization
founded in 2006 to assist
Addison School District 4
in providing enhanced learning
opportunities for students.




*To contact Foundation officers
via email, click on the
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Many thanks to everyone who attended
District 4 Educational Foundation's
9th annual

  Family Fun Fair  
fun fair fun fair
fun fair
funfair funfair
funfair funfair

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped make this year's event
so much fun for everyone!!


Proceeds benefit the Addison School District 4 Educational Foundation for Excellence

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