Construction Plan

The ASD4 Board of Education initiated a long-term goal setting process in Fall of 2017 with a request of the school district leadership team to identify critical areas of focus for ensuring opportunities for our children to be successful.  After conducting a perception survey to receive feedback from stakeholders, the Board and the district leadership team met during an April 2018 goal-setting workshop to develop goals for the next five years.
The Board recognized that many of the survey responses spoke to the need to bring learning spaces to modern standards to improve the learning environment for our students and education staff.  The Board's Building and Grounds Committee immediately went to work on a long-range plan to address these necessary facility renovations, which will continue for several years.
Here is a summary of this initiative:
Summer 2018
      • Secure vestibules at 5 schools 
Summer 2019
      •  Secure vestibule at Indian Trail Junior High
      •  Renovation of 40+ years old locker rooms at Indian Trail
Summer 2020
      • Classroom additions at Addison Early Learning Center
      • Secure vestibule at Ardmore School
      • Extensive renovations at Indian Trail including Student Support classrooms
      • Classroom furniture pilots
Summer 2021
      • Creation of Innovative Learning Spaces at two elementary schools
      • Renovation of Fine Arts wing at Indian Trail
      • Classroom furniture enhancements
Summer 2022
      • Renovations throughout all schools (flooring, ceilings, lighting and classroom furniture)