Student Services

Programs and Services

Addison School District 4 is proud to provide the following programs and services as part of our educational offerings:

Title I

This program is provided for students experiencing difficulties in reading and mathematics in Title I schools. Students working in small groups receive additional support in reading strategies and mathematical foundations. Emphasis is placed on early intervention in grades K-3.

Meeting the needs of all students (RTI)

RTI stands for Response To Intervention, an approach designed to address the needs of struggling learners early in their educational experience. RTI is based on a problem-solving model in which groups of teachers and staff use data to inform decision-making. In Addison District 4 we refer to our RTI teams as Support Systems 4 ALL (SS4A). All schools have both academic and behavior support teams.
SS4A overview:
Homeless Children

Each child of a homeless individual and each homeless youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, as provided to other children and youths, including a public pre-school education. A homeless child may attend the District school that the child attended when permanently housed or in which the child was last enrolled. A homeless child living in any District school's attendance area may attend that school.

The Superintendent appoints a Liaison for Homeless Children, as required in Board of Education Policy 6:140. Inquiries, concerns, or requests for information should be directed to the school district liaison:

Keri Karpman
Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
222 North Kennedy Drive, Addison, IL 60101
Phone: 630-458-2462

English  Learners


Department of English Learning



Addison School District 4 Department of English Learning values and embraces diverse cultures and multilingualism while preparing students to be successful global citizens.



Addison School District 4 Department of English Learning provides programs of instruction for English Learners (ELs) through authentic, multi-faceted experiences within and beyond the classroom.




  • English Learners will have equal academic access to core curriculum;
  • ELs will develop high levels of proficiency in English and native language (when applicable);
  • Families of ELs will have access to community partnerships and resources through district provided support.


Addison School District 4 is committed to providing high quality English Learner (EL) programs that view the students' native language and culture as an asset in the acquisition and development of linguistic, academic and social competencies.  A screening and testing program qualifies students for these programs; general characteristics include:
  • a language other than English is spoken in the home on a daily basis
  • the student’s English language development is limited
Identifying English Learners (EL)

According to Illinois Administrative School Code, each district in the state is required to screen all new, enrolling students who have been determined to have a language other than English used in the home. Once an additional language has been indicated, the district is obligated to screen the students with the state mandated screening instrument. The results of the screening instrument are used to determine English Language level, and subsequently, eligibility for EL services.


Types of English Learner (EL) Programs

Addison School District 4 offers a variety of programs for English Learners who need language and content assistance.


English Language Development (ELD) serves students from different language backgrounds. Instruction is given in English, with limited support in the native language, when available. Students may be pulled from a traditional classroom and given intensive ELD resource support, or students may be assigned to a self-contained "sheltered" ELD class. 
  • ELD Resource:  English learners are grouped by age and English proficiency levels.  They meet with an ESL teacher in a pull out setting for instruction in English language development and reading and writing support.
  • Sheltered English: English learners are grouped by age and/or English language proficiency level in self-contained settings.  They receive instruction from their classroom teacher who also has an ESL endorsement.
The goal of the ELD program is to provide structured, intense English instruction and grade-level content instruction, so that students will be prepared to transition to traditional classrooms with limited or no additional English language support. ELD support is offered at all Addison School District 4 schools, PreK through 8th grade.   
Dual Language Program provides content material instruction in English and Spanish.  Students develop full oral, reading, and writing proficiency in two languages.
  • One-Way Dual Language: Spanish speaking ELs are scheduled into a dual language class with instruction in Spanish and English.  They receive instruction from their classroom teacher who also has a bilingual endorsement. One -way dual classes are offered at the Addison Early Learning Center, Ardmore, Army Trail, Fullerton, Lake Park, Lincoln and Indian Trail Junior High.
  • Two-Way Dual Language: Spanish speaking ELs and native English-speaking students are scheduled together into a dual language class.  All students receive instruction in Spanish and English.  They receive instruction from their classroom teacher who also has a bilingual endorsement.  Two-way dual classes are currently offered in kindergarten and first grade at Stone and Wesley schools.
The goal of the Dual Language Program is to enable all students to become proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English and Spanish; provide instruction that is challenging, engaging, and based on state standards; and foster positive cross-cultural attitudes and relationships.