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Programs and Services

Addison School District 4 is proud to provide the following programs and services as part of our educational offerings:

Title I

This program is provided for students experiencing difficulties in reading and mathematics in Title I schools. Students working in small groups receive additional support in reading strategies and mathematical foundations. Emphasis is placed on early intervention in grades K-3.

Support Systems 4 All (SS4A)

Meeting the needs of all students (RTI)

RTI stands for Response To Intervention, an approach designed to address the needs of struggling learners early in their educational experience. RTI is based on a problem-solving model in which groups of teachers and staff use data to inform decision-making. In Addison District 4 we refer to our RTI teams as Support Systems 4 ALL (SS4A). All schools have both academic and behavior support teams. SS4A overview
English Language Learners

Addison School District 4 is committed to providing a high quality English Language Learner (ELL) program that views the student's native language and culture as an asset in the acquisition and development of linguistic, academic and social competencies.

Early Childhood Education

Special Education Programs

A full continuum of services is provided to meet the individual needs of students. Students may receive inclusive support with specialized instruction in their home schools, special education classrooms, or programs located outside our district. NDSEC (North DuPage Special Education Cooperative) provides many additional services. More information regarding the Special Education programs may be found at this link:
Summer School