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ESSER Funding

Addison School District 4


ESSER III-ARP- Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding



Capital Improvements: The ESSER III funds provide districts with the opportunity to address structural issues that may need to be addressed within their schools. These capital improvements may help bridge the digital divide, improve the learning environment, or make schools safer for students and staff.

As we return to full-time in-person instruction, we will:

  • HVAC replacement for elementary buildings to improve air quality.
  • Purchase classroom technology resources to enhance teaching and learning
  • Enhance physical, digital, and online security


Notes: We have learned a great deal from the global pandemic. The focus of our improvements will be on ways we can provide a safer environment and improving the tools in our teachers’ hands. To that end, we plan to ensure each classroom has the necessary technology to implement engaging lessons for all students. We also plan on making the most of our large spaces (i.e. gyms and cafeterias) to allow for social distancing if necessary.