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School District Goals

The Addison School District 4 Board of Education initiated a long-term goal setting process in Summer of 2023 with a request of the school district leadership team to identify critical area of focus for ensuring opportunities for our children to be successful. After conducting a perception survey to receive feedback from stakeholders, the Board and the district leadership team met during a July 2023 goal-setting workshop to develop goals for the next five years.  At the July 26, 2023 Board of Education meeting, the Board reviewed five-year goals and action plans to ensure that the school district is able:

  1.        To provide rigorous and relevant learning opportunities
  2.        To provide the necessary social/emotional supports for all
  3.        To operate with fiscal responsibility
  4.        To enhance community engagement

    The school district will use these goals to guide priorities and decision-making in the years ahead.

    For more detailed information, see the files listed below.