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District & School Boundaries Map

Verify Elementary Attendance Boundary

You can now verify your home elementary school by entering the home address in the ASD4 School Locator below.
A pin will then be placed on the map. You can then click on the pin to determine the home elementary school your family will attend.
Please click here to access your home elementary school information.   
Please feel free to contact the district office if you have any questions.


The ASD4 Board of Education reviewed the recommendation to adjust the current elementary attendance boundaries during the December 17, 2014 Board of Education meeting. The presentation, which is available here provided the history for making the change along with summarizing changes. There have been some questions regarding these changes. We have summarized them in a frequently asked questions document, which is available here. Additional questions or comments can be directed to the Superintendent of Schools, John Langton, at jlangton@asd4.org or by calling (630) 458-2425.