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Online Safety Resources for Families

Our curriculum includes learning opportunities about safe Internet use and good digital citizenship.  Through interactive lessons created by Common Sense Media and other resources, our students learn how to keep themselves safe online, manage and monitor their digital footprint, copyright information, media literacy, etc. 

There are also many great resources for parents and families to access about Internet safety, parental controls, electronics contracts, etc. We highly encourage families to monitor their child's online/electronics activity regularly and engage in conversations about safe, online activity.  Please see the list below for parent resources on these topics.  
Parent Controls and Privacy Settings:
  • Bark Parental Control Guide: Bark is one tool used by Addison School District 4 to monitor your child's Chromebook activity.  Bark has also created an extensive guide for parents about how to set-up parental controls and privacy settings on a child's personal device for web browsers, gaming systems, social media, etc.  

  • Common Sense Media Parental Controls Guide (English/Español): Common Sense Media offers ideas and best practices for using parental controls and privacy settings to keep your child safe online.
Parent Resources and Guides: