2018 Mini-Grants Awarded

1 Tina Scimeca, Jennifer Carroccio, Estefany Rozo Olaya, Berenice Dorado Army Trail Bricks 4 Kidz Advancing Engineers Forces & Interactions Science Hands-On Workshop $592.00
2 Allison Clarke, Megan Peterson Army Trail Girls on the Run $500.00
3 Estefany Rozo Olaya Army Trail I am bilingual/Yo soy bilingüe - Improving our 3rd grade dual language classroom library $548.00
4 Amy Miller, 6th grade language arts teachers ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 6 $480.00
5 Staci Gertzfield, 7th grade language arts teachers ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 7 $500.00
6 Jenny Machala, 8th grade language arts teachers ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 8 $500.00
7 Debbie Watson Fullerton Lightbox in English and Spanish $500.00
8 Janine Rossi Fullerton Flexible Seating $501.08
9 Bob Provax ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
10 Jeff Ryburn ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
11 Maryann Johnson ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
12 Jacob Wajda ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
13 Jen Schulmeister ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
14 Ed Gimenez ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
15 Sherry Perez ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
16 Oscar Avila ITJHS Polar Heart Rate Monitor $500.00
17 Allison Clarke, Gale Stafford Army Trail Challenge Warriors $500.00
18 Elyse Willis, Janice Murphy Lake Park Nature Nerds Revamp and Reorganize $500.00
19 Elizabeth Kane, Kathy Brown ITJHS Bradley, The Last Dizz-Knee Princess 400.00

Araceli Perez

Army Trail Dual Classroom Starter Kit 500.00
21 Katie Flessner Stone Nature Nerds Revamp and Reorganize 400.00
22 Jolene Schram Stone Guided Reading 420.00
23 Amy Hassel Stone Read Along in Spanish 500.00
24 Kristin Walsh Stone Building Vocabulary through Read-Alouds 445.00
25 Kristine Brokos Stone Singing and Dancing into Literacy: Salt Creek Ballet Residency 500.00
26 Kelly Brechin, Megan, Tocknell, Jolene Schram, Stephanie Sorrentino Stone Social Studies Weekly 500.00
27 Kelly Brechin, Kate Pereda, Jolene Schram, Carmela Getz, Lexy Scolire, Ann Marie Murphy, Cristina Ardizzone Stone PBIS Assembly - Dan Kirk:The Juggler with the Yellow Shoes 500.00
28 Stephanie Gose ITJHS STEM for Girls 449.95
29 Alicia Nowak Wesley 5 Amazon Kindle Fires for Kindergarten 399.95
30 Pille McQuillen Lake Park Math Rocks! 472.55
31 Kate Pereda Stone Cross-Curricular Learning 500.00
32 Kathy Horvath Stone Interactive Learning with Hot Dots & Cards Sets 80.00
33 Dana Prendergast, Jenna Boggs ITJHS Daring Designs Club 475.00
34 Sharon Achtien Wesley Break Out of the Norm with Coding 450.00
35 Sia Rodriguez Lake Park Rooted in Reading Books 434.66
36 Lara Mellin, Allison Clarke, Araceli Perez Army Trail Classroom Novel Study 180.00
37 Tammy Bognetti Wesley Rooted in Reading 485.85
38 Shaye Lio, Katie Gawron Ardmore Yoga Mats for Mats & Mindfulness After School Club 430.00
39 Anastasia Netzel, Holly Rasmussen, Jenna Boggs, Karen Nowak, Kathy Meyer, Melissa Tutskey, Jennifer Gardner, Whitney McHugh, Jeanne Kordik ITJHS

"In My Shoes" Presentation


40 Carmen Morales Lake Park Guided Math Centers 461.46
41 Paula Marino Ardmore STEAM & SEL Support 440.00
42 Lauren Dobry Stone Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes 500.00
43 Stephanie Sorrentino Stone Math Manipulatives 391.60
44 Erika Turano Stone Guided Math Materials 500.00
45 Jeffrey Foster ITJHS Resource Room Library 175.00
46 Marypat Hradecky Stone 360 Student Learning 424.48
47 Jennifer Gutierrez Lincoln Hands-On Learning for All 500.00
48 Linda Walter Wesley Building Our Literacy in the Classroom 500.00
49 Enda Kelly ITJHS STEM Lego Club 500.00
50 Donna Johnson, Keith Tankersley, Julie Pytko, Brett Parker, Allison Paasch, Allison Andrikokus, Kendall Carino, Lawrence Underwood, Kim Trubich, Rob Tucker ITJHS Be BRAVE and Good Things Will Happen to You! 500.00
51 Gina Majewski ITJHS Oracy and Literacy Bridges 300.00
  Total Amount Requested     $23,507.50