Mini-Grant History » 2019 Mini Grants Awarded

2019 Mini Grants Awarded

1 Allison Clarke, Gale Stafford Army Trail Challenge Warriors 500.00
2 Amy Miller, Anna Vavalle, Stephanie Thomas, Lisa Bovey ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 6 500.00
3 Karen Nowak, Donna Johnson, Terra Henry, Ashley Luzietti, Rachael Downen ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 7 500.00
4 Jenny Machala, Jeanne Kordik, Vivian Pierropoulos, Staci Gertzfield, Danielle Zaccariello ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 8 500.00
5 Tina Scimeca, Berenice Dorado Army Trail Bricks 4 Kidz Advancing Engineers Forces & Interactions Science Hands-On Workshop 480.00
6 Genevieve Culhane Lake Park Chalk-Talk-Walk 494.67
7 Araceli Perez Army Trail Math/Classroom Resources 500.00
8 Karen Segura, Kristen Kelly, Nicole Acosta, Denise Correa Fullerton Girls on the Run 500.00
9 Judy Martuzzo, Rachel Saltenberger ITJHS Flexible Seating 499.00
10 Kendall Carino, Rachel Saltenberger ITJHS Flexible Seating 499.00
11 Allison Paasch, Rachel Saltenberger ITJHS Flexible Seating 499.00
12 Michelle Peluso Ardmore Reading Comprehension 500.00
13 Michelle Peluso Ardmore Flexible Seating 500.00
14 Beth Lodhi Stone For the Love of Math 500.00
15 Bob Provax, Carrie Myers Stone Adaptive tricycle for ASD4 district students with special needs 500.00
16 Carrie Myers, Bob Provax Stone Adaptive tricycle for ASD4 district students with special needs 497.00
17 Kristine Brokos, Elyse Willis, Lisa Kargl, Jamie Minuskin, Hilary Lamb, Karlene Prieboy Stone Drumming Up More Learning About Our World 251.00
18 Kristine Brokos Stone Singing and Dancing into Literacy:Salt Creek Ballet Residency 500.00
19 Stephanie Sorrentino, Jolene Schram, Kelly Brechin Stone Vocabulary through Flocabulary 360.00
20 Jolene Schram, Kelly Brechin,Stephanie Sorrentino Stone Seat Sacks 500.00
21 Kelly Brechin, Stephanie Sorrentino, Jolene Schram Stone Social Studies Weekly 494.10
22 Pille McQuillen Lake Park Rock Start Writers! 438.45
23 Kathleen Meyer, Jeanne Kordik ITJHS Get to My Level-Literary Materials to Support All Learners 452.18
24 Gina Majewski, Veronica Vaglienty, Kathleen Meyer, Brant Biba, Christine Hubek ITJHS Expanding Creativity and Opportunity through Ceramics 253.00
25 Amanda Zerull, Bob Provax ITJHS Brave Buddies in the Community 500.00
26 Sia Rodriguez Lake Park Math is FUN in 3rd grade! 498.41
27 Carmen Morales Lake Park Science resources 500.00
28 Amber Warrington Army Trail Chalk, Talk, Walk 497.53
29 Jennifer Gutierrez Lincoln Flexible Seating 500.00
30 Jennifer Gutierrez Lincoln Calm Down and Learn! 500.00
31 Jennifer Gutierrez Lincoln Using Literature to Teach Math 430.00
32 Jen Angiulo Stone Award Books 2019/2020 500.00
33 Ann Marie Murphy, Kate Pereda, Jolene Schram, Carmela Getz, Cristina Villalobos Stone PBIS Assembly - Jesse White Tumblers 500.00
34 Laura Seyller Stone Supporting Students with disabilities from a Multi-Sensory Approach 483.00
35 Jake Wajda ITJHS Teambuilding Equipment 500.00
36 Jenn Schulmeister ITJHS Cardiovascular Endurance Fitness Equipment 500.00
37 Ed Gimenez ITJHS Teambuilding Equipment 500.00
38 Bob Provax ITJHS TRX Fitness Equipment 500.00
39 Elyse Willis Lake Park Bringing Orff to the Classroom 500.00
40 Elyse Willis Ardmore Acting Out Stories in the Music Classroom 361.00
41 Karen Coffinbargar, Carissa Dwar Fullerton Project Add Technology to Phys Ed 497.54
42 Kathy Brown, Vivian Pierropoulos ITJHS Set Design for "The Not-So-Grimm Fairy Tales" by Kevin Bean Design 200.00
43 Carissa Dwar AELC Project Add Technology to Phys Ed 497.54
44 Paula DiBeasi-Marino Ardmore Botley Coding Robots 464.38
45 Paula DiBeasi-Marino Ardmore SEL and STEAM support 256.90
46 Katie Flessner Stone Level Up! Math Games & Books 500.00
47 Anne Olson, Katie Purse, Kelsey Kirk, Laura Rajuncas, Tamanna Haque, Katrina Nutini, Mariella Daleno Wesley #Active APRIL Motivators 70.00
48 Rebecca Fox Lincoln Hands on Learning 475.00
49 Yvonne Jablonski, Carolyn Meyer Lincoln & Fullerton Cultural Experiences! 233.00
  Total awarded     22,181.70