2008 Mini-Grants Awarded

Denise Ghidorzi Wesley
Grades K-5
Light Box
Gale Stafford

Army Trail Grades 4-5

Heart Rate Monitors
Marjorie Anderson
Patti Sobieszek
Grades 1 & 5
Buddy up with Books
Mary Ann Johnson Indian Trail 
Grades 6-8
Fitness Adaptations for Special Needs Students
Karen Coffinbargar Fullerton
Grades 1-5
Dance Like No One is Watching
Christine Hubek Indian Trail Glimpses of Life, Part 2

Ed Gimenez 
Jeff Ryburn

Indian Trail 
Grades 6-8

Juggle Away the Jiggle

Nota Kollias
Robin Clifford
Beth Nelson 
Anna Ratchkova
Allison Schmitt
Lauren Vitiello

Indian Trail Grade 7

Multiple Intelligence Interdisciplinary Unit: Discover Yourself! ($520)
Francisca Cossyleon Lake Park 
Grade 2
Teaching through the Use of Technology
Fran O'Brien Lake Park 
Grades 1-3
Bag It Books
Laurie Meyers Lake Park Grades 4-5 Heart Rate Monitors
Laurie Meyers Lake Park 
Grade 5
Nature Club 
Nature Nerds Nature Bags
Justin Warnke Lincoln 
Grades 4-5
Heart Rate Monitors
Carrie Zatarski Lincoln
Grades 1-5
Light Box
Cindi Bekkedal Stone 
Grades 4-5
Heart Rate Monitors
Colleen Crowley
Beth Lodhi 
Katie Capiga
Deanna Douglass
Michele Raimondi
Laura Gillen
Jolene Schram
Grades 1-5
Special Ed Outdoor Learning Experience
Will Navis Wesley 
Grades 4-5
Heart Rate Monitors
Oscar Avila 
Sherry Perez
Vicky Scaccianoce
Amy Neighbors

Indian Trail

Gr. 6-8 
Physical Ed

These 4 teachers are being given ONE $500 grant. They are to decide what equipment they will purchase with the money.