2017 Mini-Grants Awarded

1 Debra Martello Army Trail Swing Sets for All


2 Allison Clarke, Lara Mellin, Araceli Perez Army Trail City of Ember $391.80
3 Amy Miller, 6th grade language arts teachers ITJHS Summer Reading Grade 6 $500.00
4 Araceli Perez, Allison Clarke, Lara Mellin Army Trail Lightbox-E-Books $480.00
5 Kelly Brechin, Sarah Jones, Jolene Schram Stone Social Studies Weekly


6 Kelly Brechin, Sarah Jones, Jolene Schram Stone Electricity Field Trip


7 Tina Scimeca, Jennifer Carroccio, Estefany Rozo Olaya Army Trail Bricks 4 Kidz Advancing Engineers Forces & Interactions Science Hands-On Workshop $576.00
8 Anastasia Netzel, Craig Bennett, Jeanne Kordik, Melissa Tutskey, Kimberly Trubich, Karen Nowak, Whitney McHugh, Kathleen Meyer, Holly Rasmussen, Jennifer Garnder ITJHS "In My Shoes" Interactive Workshop $500.00
9 Phyllis Pacilli, Dena Seidenfuss, Eliana Sand, Brenda Guerrero Fullerton Guided Math is Fun!!


10 Jolene Schram Stone Guided Reading Games including Vocabulary $500.00
11 Jolene Schram Stone Math Manipulatives for Guided Groups and Centers $500.00
12 Rachael Saltenberger, Bridget O'Connell, Scott Farnan ITJHS Indian Trail Sensory Room $491.83
13 Estefany Rozo Olaya, Jennifer Carroccio, Tina Scimeca Army Trail Kim Sutton's Extravaganza-Engaging and Powerful guided Math $527.00
14 Susan Spencer Army Trail Gearing Up for Guided Math $500.00
15 Liz Hugenberg, Kathy Brown IT "The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth about Cat Hair" $500.00
16 Katie Flessner Stone 2nd Grade Writing Mentor Texts $444.62
17 Rachel Anderson Lincoln The Land of Lincoln Students $500.00
18 Amy Hassel Lincoln The Land of Lincoln Students $500.00
19 Karissa James AELC Sensory Integration and Creative Curriculum in the EC Intensive Intervention Setting


20 Staci Gertzfield, Donna Johnson, Vivian Pierropoulos, Karen Nowak, Terra Henry, Ashley Luzietti IT The Running Dream $498.44
21 Pille McQuillen LP Rooted in Reading Books $358.70
22 Gabriella Savaglio Lincoln The Land of Lincoln Students $500.00
23 Sue Ortale Stone Guided Math Center Activities $400.00
24 Beth Lodhi Stone Making Reading Fun for All Learners $500.00
25 Susan Ragucci, Stacy Hahn, Sue Ortale Stone Hand-On Vocabulary $300.00
26 Laura Seyller, Jennifer Gutierrez Lincoln Scholastic News Our Students Can Use! $461.12
27 Carli Bettini, Carolina Bonilla, Dennisse Serrano Lincoln Bricks4Kidz $500.00
28 Gale Stafford Army Trail Technology in PE and Health $500.00
29 Barb Zaucha, Bob Wojtas, Kitzy Becerril, Heidi Wildi Fullerton Guided Math $489.66
30 Karen Coffinbargar Fullerton Field Day Frenzy $500.00
31 Sarah Jones Stone Math Center Supplies $500.00
32 Berenice Gomez, Alicia Carrera Army Trail Bilingual Classroom Libraries $500.00
33 Elyse Wadzinski, Karlene Prieboy Ardmore Music Technology on a Cart $240.00
34 Elyse Wadzinski Lake Park Music and Movement $500.00
35 Corinne Tagansky ITJHS Hands on Coding $488.28
36 Jennifer Jensen Lake Park Guided Math Center Activities $464.42
37 iana Mexicano Lincoln Guided Math Learning Centers $500.00
38 Kate Pereda Stone Cross-Curricular Learning $497.43
39 Kate Pereda Stone Stone School Aquarium $269.94
40 Kristine Brokos Stone Singing and Dancing Into Literacy: Salt Creek Ballet Residency $500.00
41 Dennisse Serrano, Carolina Bonilla Lincoln Spanish Classroom Library Books $500.00
42 Carolina Bonilla, Dennisse Serrano Lincoln Cross-Curricular Informational and Literature Books $500.00
43 Rebecca Velez Army Trail ELA Daily 5 Word Work/Writing Center Materials $459.82
44 Debbie Korenchan Wesley Additional Books for Listening Centers $500.00
45 Debbie Korenchan, Ellen Constantopoulos, Kerensa Schwarz Wesley Student Improvement Through Reading $500.00
46 Jenny Machala, 8th grade language arts teachers ITJHS Summer Reading Grade Eight $500.00
47 Staci Gertzfield, 7th grade language arts teachers ITJHS Summer Reading Grade Seven $500.00
48 Eileen Laureano-Alicea Army Trail Lectura Para Niños (Literacy for Children) $500.00
49 Sia Rodriguez Lake Park Guided Reading Games including Vocabulary $503.07
50 Paula DiBeasi-Marino Ardmore OSMO - Award Winning Electronic System Helping Children with STEAM $500.00
51 Paula Marino Ardmore Enlightening Students - Table Top Light Panel Exploration $500.00
52 Paula Marino Ardmore Light Panel Accessories to Enlighten Students $375.00
53 Gloria Velez Ardmore "I CAN" Guide my Math $500.00
54 Michelle Peluso, Paula Marino Ardmore Literacy Centers $443.23
55 Michelle Peluso, Virginia Delgado, Paula Marino Ardmore First Grade STEM $449.63
56 Alicia Carrera, Berenice Gomez Army Trail Lightbox in Spanish $300.00
57 Stephenie Straub Stone Math Centers and Digital Portfolios with IPADs $500.00
58 Robert Tucker ITJHS Sphero - App Enabled Robots $500.00
59 Lisa Ivancsits ITJHS Making Math Content More Accessible, Relevant, and Fun for Students Learning Difficulties $335.00
60 Laura Taylor ITJHS Game Center $438.75
61 Gina Majewski, Janet Ramirez, Kathleen Meyer, Devin Lacko ITJHS School and Home Language and Literacy Bridges $500.00
62 Laura Gillen Lincoln Interactive Learning for All Students $426.90
63 Brenda Guerrero Fullerton Building Language and Reading Skills by Utilizing Listening Center $493.00
64 Elizabeth DeFeo, Donna Infantino Fullerton Illuminate Your World! $495.00
65 Jennifer Mostowski, Luz Chavez Fullerton Illuminate Your World! $495.00
66 Tammy Bognetti Wesley Informational Texts for Listening Centers $500.00
Total grants awarded $31,494.37