2009 Mini-Grants Awarded

Debra Trinco Lake Park

Wilson Magic Gel Boards/Dry Erase Boards

Betty Kohler

Fullerton Grade 1

Listening throught Literature
Carolyn Belongia Wesley Wilson Magic Gel Boards/Dry Erase Boards
Bonnie Eigel Stone Art Grades 1-5

Light Box

Marjorie Anderson Fullerton Grade 1 Bookpacking Home
Camille Strode Fullerton Art Grades 1-5 Light Box

Anthony Mangano

Army Trail Art Grades 1-5 Light Box

Jeff Ryburn
Oscar Avila
Mary Ann Johnson
Sherry Perez
Ed Gimenez
Amy Neighbors
Vicky Scaccianoce

Indian Trail P.E.

Fitness equipment - BOSU and FitBars
Jenny Machala
Jeanne Kordik
Annette Swieton
Carol Weisenborn
Sue Lesmeister
Jason Kaiser
Indian Trail Grade 8 Letters from Vietnam
Christine Hubek Indian Trail R & R (Relax & Regroup)
Susan Bortko Indian Trail Art Clay Architects
Heather Pintz
Susan Bortko
Indian Trail Art Digital Photography Integration in the 6th & 7th Grade Art Curriculum
Gale Stafford Army Trail P.E. Nutty for Nutrition
Francisca Cossyleon Lake Park Grade 2 Teaching Through the Use of Technology
Kimberli Diehl Indian Trail Music Equipping and Building a MP3 Music Library
Larie Zibton
Carla Petricca
Michelle Mahler
Jennifer Jacobs
Mary Mehl
Ardmore Early Childhood STARs Arising
Matt Tylk Wesley P.E. Interdisciplinary Physical Education
Matt Tylk

Ardmore P.E.

Cross-Curricular P.E. for the Young Adaptive Learner

Brandon Estes Lincoln Music

Orff Xylophones

Elizabeth Gaylor

Army Trail
Lake Park

Parents on Board - Spanish and English
Valarie Barajas Lake Park Frog Family and Home Learning Centers