2015 Mini-Grants Awarded

1 Jennifer Jacobs Ardmore Lending Library Kits $500.00
2 Tina Clement Ardmore Lending Library Kits $500.00
3 Elyse Willis, Donnie Sujack Ardmore Music Technology $470.00
4 Emma Paladino Ardmore Science Centers $500.00
5 Amber Warrington Army Trail Chalk, Talk, Walk to Promote Literacy $498.21
6 Amber Warrington Army Trail Hot Topics $446.56
7 Araceli Perez Army Trail Magnetic Learning $500.00
8 Gale Stafford Army Trail Moving to Books and Words $462.70
9 Tina Scimeca, Jennifer Carroccio, Estefany Rozo-Olaya, Katie Bittner Army Trail Bricks 4 Kidz-Advancing Engineers - Forces & Interactions Science Hands-On Workshop $736.00
10 Sue Spencer, Debbie Smith Army Trail Go Pro in the Classroom $500.00
11 Lara Mellin Army Trail Classroom Novel Study $378.30
12 Phyllis Pacilli Fullerton "AIM" for the Top! $209.32
13 Patti Sobieszek, Debra Capaccio Fullerton Listening with the Dragons $479.88
14 Angela Gordon ITJHS Heat Transfer Activity $344.25
15 Elizabeth Nelson ITJHS Math Facts in a Flash $500.00
16 Andrew Vock ITJHS Social Science $500.00
17 Janet Diaz, Craig Bennett, Lawrence Underwood, Anastasia Netzel, Whitney Roth, Kathy Meyer, Karen Nowak, Kim Trubich, Jeanne Kordik, Melissa Tutskey, Holly Rasmussen ITJHS "In My Shoes" Interactive Workshop $500.00
18 Katie Contreras ITJHS STEM Writer's Workshop $500.00
19 Donna Johnson, Kristin Ryan ITJHS Let's Listen to Books $500.00
20 Kimberly Trubich ITJHS Technology Based Writing $450.00
21 Danielle Zalesny ITJHS Literacy in Geometry $490.00
22 Craig Bennett, PBIS teams ITJHS Incentive Materials for the Indian Trail PBIS Program $500.00
23 Melissa Nickolaou ITJHS Health Literacy $500.00
24 Jenny Machala, Tim Roberts, Melissa Tutskey, Liz Fornek, Sue Lesmeister, Carol Weisenborn ITJHS Creating Lifelong Readers $500.00
25 Janelle Bledsoe, Elizabeth Glass, Eilish Roberts ITJHS Be the Change:  An Anti-Bullying & Student Leadership program for Project POP $497.99
26 Jennifer Erff ITJHS Putting the "FUN" in functional! $500.00
27 Laurie Hylen Lake Park Technology in Physical Education and Nature Club $372.96
28 Paula Marino, Carli Bettini, Gloria Velez, Carolina Bonilla Lincoln Wheels, Levers, and Pulleys, OH MY!!!! $420.00
29 Demi Sakoff Lincoln Literacy Integrated Fine Arts Curriculum $400.00
30 Yvonne Guerrero Lincoln Learning Time Carpet $479.00
31 Yvonne Guerrero Lincoln Classroom Library $493.00
32 Yasmeen Bain, Yvonne Guerrero Lincoln Hatching Chicks $500.00
33 Kim Heupel, Kate Pereda Lincoln Listening Library $500.00
34 Carolina Bonilla Lincoln iCAN with an iPAD $500.00
35 Hilary Lamb Lincoln Mallet Music Madness $427.98
36 Kim Heupel Lincoln Chicks in the Classroom $275.00
37 Megan McGuire Lincoln Lego WeDo Sets for 5th grade STEM $500.00
38 Rhea Heggaton Lincoln Lego WeDo Sets for 5th grade STEM $500.00
39 Genevieve Culhane LP/AT English, English Learn All About It! $500.00
40 Kelly Brechin Stone Listening Center $496.41
41 Kelly Brechin, Sarah Jones, Jolene Schram Stone Social Studies Weekly $500.00
42 Lucy Dagostino Stone Daily 5 Listen to Reading $500.00
43 Kristine Brokos Stone Strum More Strings $492.00
44 Kristine Brokos Stone Stories Come Alive:Salt Creek Ballet Residency $500.00
45 Sue Ortale, Stacy Hahn, Susie Ragucci Stone Synergetic Learning: The American Revolution $720.00
46 Cindi Bekkedal Stone Moving to Books and Words $462.70
47 Tammy Bognetti Wesley Listening Library for Primary Students $500.00
48 Jennifer Lollino Wesley Team Building Session for ED Classes $500.00
49 Marissa Lentine Wesley Literature Circle Science/Social Studies $500.00
50 Vicki Potter, MaryJo Stephansen Wesley Reading Plants: the Seed of Knowledge $492.04