2014 Mini-Grants Awarded

Jolene Schram, Kelly Brechin, Sarah Jones Stone Simple Machines In-School Field Trip
Kelly Brechin, Sarah Jones, Jolene Schram Stone Social Studies Weekly
Phyllis Pacilli, Barb Zaucha Fullerton Extra, Extra-Read All About It!
Beth Lodhi Stone Take Home Books
Katie Contreras, Kristin DeSent ITJHS Improving Interactive Notebooks
Karen Coffinbargar Fullerton Having a Ball
Karen Coffinbargar Fullerton Miles of Smiles
Sue Ortale Stone Frolic with Fluency
Anastasia Cucci ITJHS Stay in the Game
Jenny Machala, Tim Roberts, Melissa Tutskey, Liz Fornek, Carol Weisenborn ITJHS Promoting Literacy and Learning Using Informational Text
Alaina Pasquesi ITJHS Non-Fiction American History Good Reads
Tammy Bognetti Wesley Multimedia Listening Center
Kristine Brokos Stone Strum Those String
Linda Walter Wesley Child Lending Library
Demi Sakoff Lincoln Art Club Gallery Wall Project
Susan Bortko ITJHS Art Literacy
Maria Robles Ardmore TeachTown: Social Skills
Gloria Velez Lincoln Freedom to Listen-Wireless Listening Center
Marissa Lentine Wesley Literature Circle Science Sets of 6 Books
Kelly Gagnier Wesley Literature Circle Sets of 6 Books
Gale Stafford, Sheri Ciaccio AT/Wesley Know Your Heart Health
Gale Stafford  AT  It's Skate Time!
Debbie Korenchan Wesley Additional Books for Listening Center
Patti Sobieszek Fullerton Compare and Contrast Present Day Issues
Jennifer Jensen Lake Park Reader's Theater Script Boxes: Literacy Genres
Amanda Zerull, Wendy Pratt Stone Environmental Changes to Enhance Learning for Students with Sensory Processing Difficulties
Amanda Zerull  Stone Switch Activation for Students with Physical Disabilities
Wendy Pratt Stone Seating Solutions to Increase Attention
Rhea Heggaton Lincoln Student Home Library
Cindi Bekkedal Stone Building a Healthy & Balanced Plate
Elyse Willis Ardmore Music and Technology
Sheri Ciaccio Ardmore Growth and Independence for Ardmore
Eleni Tsevas Lincoln Keep Books for Kindergarten
Janet Diaz ITJHS "In My Shoes" Interactive Workshop
Janelle Bledsoe ITJHS Real Life Math and Financial Literacy
Yvonne Guerrero Lincoln Listening Center